The 2016 Webby Awards: Social Movement of the Year

The Webby Awards are humbled to recognize Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi & Patrisse Cullors, the founders of the #BlackLivesMatter organization, with The Webby Social Movement of the Year Award for their roles in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The New Civil Rights Leaders

Opal Tometi’s interest in immigration reform was born out of personal experience. Tometi grew up in Phoenix—”ground zero for the anti-immigration movement,” she says—and is the child of immigrants. Her parents moved to the U.S. from Nigeria in 1983, and Tometi, 30, was raised in a close-knit community of Nigerian immigrants.

Immigration Plight

Meet Opal Tometi, a first generation Nigerian American who is making her mark as the Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

The Root: Top 100 List

Opal Tometi, like her cohorts, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, is invested in taking Black Lives Matter beyond police brutality, and her work addresses everything from mass criminalization to the adverse impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on communities of color.


A shift has occurred in the year since Michael Brown’s death sparked unrest in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. National conversations have arisen around issues affecting the black community in America: police brutality, economic injustice, racial inequality.

A Q&A With Opal Tometi, Co-Founder of #BlackLivesMatter

While the media still primarily pay attention to institutionalized racism when a black heterosexual cisgender man is killed by police, organizers on the ground are looking to grow a movement that ensures liberation across sexual, gender, and class identity.

Celebrating MLK Day: Reclaiming Our Movement Legacy

Dr. King nurtured visions of a movement that could restore a deep and abiding love for all of humanity; a world where the restoration of democracy and full citizenship, of an economic system that could provide for everyone, and an end to war and militarization.

The New Leaders of Social Justice

#BlackLivesMatter has been shouted and mentioned across the country from the The White House to the the front lines of marches to every single social media outlet.

What leading feminists want to accomplish this year

“In 2015 I want to see our communities continue to rise up to challenge the criminalization of our people. At the national and local level my organization BAJI and the national network we coordinate, the Black Immigration Network, will be campaigning to end mass incarceration, detention and deportation.”

Black Lives Matter on International Migrants Day, Too

A family in Connecticut is suing the school district for banning their daughter from class after she got back from Nigeria. In the Bronx, two middle school boys originally from Senegal, Africa, said students have been harassing them with Ebola taunts.