Deeply moved that @time included the 3 *women* (Patrisse, Alicia and I) who co-founded #BlackLivesMatter in the inaugural #TIME100 most influential women of the last century list. This overall list includes some of my favs like bell hooks , Wangari Maathai, Frida Kahlo, Marsha P. Johnson, Toni Morrison and many more. So check it out –

Beyond the founders, there are SO many people who’ve sacrificed and built this thing. There are countless number of people who’d decided they’d had enough and were tired of the status quo. And I feel these types of acknowledgments are a true testament to the breadth and impact of our collective courage. We all have a lot to be proud of! And it’s a beautiful thing for us to be recognized, embraced and celebrated, especially while we continue this uphill battle. I truly believe that through faith, culture and strategic action we can be effective and continue to change the course of history. ⁣