Strategy and Communications Support for Organizations of all Sizes

Opal Tometi is an established organizational leader with a track record for effectiveness. Although she has built a successful organization and raised millions of dollars for organizations and contributed tremendously to grassroots social movements, her passion from her college days still remains – communications.

At the end of the day, Opal believes that all advocacy is effective communications campaign. A testament to this work was when she felt the jolt as she read the three words Black Lives Matter, and knew she needed to reach out to Alicia Garza to build out the communications platform that would eventually lead to a global platform, rallying cry and eventually organizational network.

Opal has her masters degree in Communications and Advocacy from Arizona State University, and has worked for and advised numerous organizations on the communications and public relations plans. She is eager to help more organizations and campaigns advance their mission through effective communications planning. If you’re interested in her work please reach out to  at